April 11, 2018

Complete Tennessee Calls for Leadership Institute Nominees

NASHVILLE, TN - Complete Tennessee is now accepting nominations for the third cohort of its leadership development program. Launched in 2016, the Complete Tennessee Leadership Institute (CTLI) aims to inspire more local higher education champions, foster innovation and promote statewide collaboration.

Complete Tennessee executive director Dr. Kenyatta Lovett said, “The Leadership Institute is designed to help citizens better understand the challenges facing Tennessee’s postsecondary system and workforce. We want to arm future advocates with the knowledge and resources necessary to mobilize change in higher education and support greater student success after graduation.

“At Complete Tennessee, we firmly believe that long-term, meaningful change begins at the grassroots level with passionate community leaders who are ready and eager to make a difference. I encourage anyone who wants to play a more active role in strengthening Tennessee’s high education system to submit a nomination for the Complete Tennessee Leadership Institute today."

Nominations will be accepted until April 25, 2018. Selections will be announced in July 2018. Sessions begin September 2018 and end April 2019. To nominate, visit completetennessee.org/ctli-2019-nomination.

CTLI engages its stakeholders in understanding current postsecondary and workforce development benchmarks, learning from national and statewide experts, and developing a richer comprehension of the state of higher education in Tennessee.

The 2018 cohort includes participants from across Tennessee. Here are a few quotes from members of the current cohort:

  • “I have never been a part of anything that compares to the Complete Tennessee Leadership Institute’s depth of learning and self-discovery. The innovation-rich collaborative networks and personal insights that I gained from CTLI have equipped me to contribute more fully and meaningfully to my community, organization, and the students that I serve. CTLI truly allows leaders from all sectors to see and value each others' roles in the state’s goal of college completion and to truly understand the power and necessity of collective impact in this Drive to 55 work.” – Jacqueline Faulkner, Vice President of Student Affairs, Southwest Tennessee Community College
  • “Participation in the Complete Tennessee Leadership Institute has given me a broad perspective on strategies that are being deployed across the state to improve completion rates, promote certificate and degree attainment to enhance employability and earning potential, and improve the quality and competitiveness of our workforce. These are all strategies that are transferable to Washington County and will make our local efforts to improve completion more effective.” –  Mayor Dan Eldridge, Washington County Mayor
  • “CTLI has afforded me the opportunity and ability to better understand the numerous best practices and people throughout the state of Tennessee.  As superintendent of one of the fastest-growing school districts in the state, the Institute truly pushed my thinking by allowing me to better tap into as many college and career ideas and opportunities for the thousands of children we serve.” – Millard House, Director of Schools, Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

To learn more the 2018 cohort and previous cohorts, click here. For more information about Complete Tennessee, visit www.completetennessee.org. 

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