September 13, 2017

Complete Tennessee Marks One-Year Anniversary

NASHVILLE, TN – September 13 marks the one-year anniversary of Complete Tennessee, a Nashville-based advocacy group working to improve postsecondary outcomes and attainment in the Volunteer State.
Executive Director Dr. Kenyatta Lovett said, “Tennessee has gained national attention for its innovative education programs and policies. We’re proud to be the first state in the country to offer free community or technical college opportunities to every Tennessean, and our K-12 students are quickly moving up the national rankings in academic achievement. Yet a stubborn postsecondary completion challenge continues to plague our state as college graduation and attainment rates lag.
“Complete Tennessee’s mission is to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing the state’s higher education system. We are focused on developing meaningful solutions that can raise the bar on student outcomes and achievement – and we believe strongly that community engagement will be integral to postsecondary progress and improvement.”
Highlights from Complete Tennessee’s work over the last year include:

Dr. Lovett shared his vision for the second year of Complete Tennessee’s work, stating, “In the coming months, we will release our second State of Higher Education in Tennessee report, providing an update on postsecondary progress and an overview of best practices that could promote improvement. We will also begin working directly with select counties to develop tailored strategies for improvement - strategies we hope will serve as a model for other counties in the state. And we will continue our efforts to develop additional champions for postsecondary improvement.
“Encouraging lasting progress in Tennessee’s higher education system will require a shared commitment to improvement, one that Complete Tennessee hopes to foster in the years ahead. We look forward to helping to lead a statewide movement that will result in higher graduation rates and greater success for students and graduates alike.”
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