Complete Tennessee Leadership Academy

Leadership development is critical to our mission at Complete Tennessee. It is important to our efforts to build community advocates and increase local accountability. In order to sustain community support for the state’s completion agenda, the Complete Tennessee Leadership Academy (CTLA) has begun developing champions of higher education and fostering cross-sector collaboration.

Through a student-centric lens, CTLA engages its participants in better understanding the current postsecondary and workforce development landscape across the state, learning from national and statewide experts and developing a deeper comprehension of the state of postsecondary education in Tennessee. 

The inaugural class was deliberately selected not only for their expertise in their respective sectors, but for their commitment to serving all Tennesseans. These are leaders from across the state who drive change in their communities, who believe in the potential of all Tennessee students and who elevate the conversation around postsecondary accountability to a higher standard. Learn more about the inaugural class of CTLA here.

With two sessions under our belts in Memphis and Knoxville we are eager to continue digging deep through CTLA to equip members with the tools, knowledge, and networks to lead Drive to 55 efforts within their communities and serve as Complete Tennessee ambassadors across the state.